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The financial intricacies of divorce can be daunting for all involved. Our Certified Divorce Financial Analyst™ will ensure that the settlement decisions you make will be fully educated and informed. Don’t leave your financial future to chance.

Divorce Financial Planning

Our team supports you through all financial aspects of divorce including pension valuation, marital vs. separate property, and tax optimization…

Executive Compensation

Our team can help discover and divide executive compensation – such as stock options, restricted stock, stock appreciation rights, non-qualified…

Financial Forensics

Our financial forensics is the “go-to” for information collection, identifying cautionary areas, and providing support and explanation to financial matters.

Litigation Support

We can partner with your attorney to help you navigate the financial waters of divorce with confidence and clarity.

Mediation Support

Our neutral mediator helps guide a couple through the decision-making around the legal, emotional, and financial issues that must be…

Post-Divorce Transition

Our firm’s approach is built on the philosophy that wealth should be aligned in such a way that it enables…


We Inspire Long-Term Financial Success

Our Certified Divorce Financial Analyst™ is a visionary developer of optimal financial settlements, taking factual details, client goals and needs into account, leading a charge toward a positive change in how people deal with finances during divorce.

A Certified Divorce Financial Analyst, or CDFA, is a trained professional who has passed certain tests to become a financial analyst specializing in divorce issues.

CDFAs help clients understand the short- and long-term financial impacts of any proposed divorce settlement. They also provide valuable information on financial issues related to the divorce, such as tax consequences, dividing pension plans, continued health care coverage, stock option elections, and much more.

CDFAs also help the client’s legal team make financial sense of proposals. CDFAs provide expert witness testimony in trials and arbitrations. CDFAs can provide attorneys with tools they need to prevail in court.

Increasingly, CDFAs are finding their services called for in the mediation and family counseling arenas. Information helps alleviate fears and misunderstandings that surround money issues.

Definitely not. The ICDFA, Institute of Certified Divorce Financial Analysts, highly recommends that any person getting a divorce seek legal counsel. Divorce is a legal process that requires professional advice, just as the financial aspects of a property settlement need analysis by a professional trained in the field.

CDFAs are trained to advocate for men and women. The CDFA simply interprets the numbers and helps the parties find support for a case that takes both sides’ financial future into consideration. Can CDFAs act as a neutral party to help a couple reach a settlement?

Many CDFAs are also trained mediators and take a role in facilitative mediation and collaborative law. In this role, CDFAs do not act as attorneys and cannot offer legal advice. The ICDFA always recommends that any person going through a divorce receive independent legal advice.

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